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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Wishlist | Space.NK & Get £10 Off

Browsing the Space NK website is addictive. Every time I make an order there's instantly another 5-6 things added to my wishlist to remember for next time. They've got a great selection of products for men, which is still quite rare these days and also a selection of candles and diffusers. I thought I'd share with you the most recent additions to my ever-growing wishlist. Also look out for my referral link below that will nab you £10 off your first order - you're welcome!

1. Anthony Algae Facial Cleanser - £36 

Don't let the name put you off with this one! The Algae facial cleanser contains Azulene - a known ingredient in algae but also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so it's perfect for reducing blemishes and softening the skin. There's also a heavy presence of lavender here so if you're a fan then this is definitely for you.

2. Aesop London Travel Kit - £50

This fantastic travel kit for Aesop contains loads of travel-sized skincare essentials - perfect for a long weekend somewhere. No need to bring a huge bag of lotions and potions. The London kit is all you need. There's shampoo, condition, bath oils and much more. It's also an affordable way to try out some of Aesop's best-known products before you go all in and purchase the full size versions.

3. Diptyque Mimosa Scented Candle - £24

There's no better way to burn your hard earned money than candles (sorry I couldn't help myself!). I've never been lucky enough to own one from Diptyyque but this Mimosa scented one sounds incredible! They'll burn for around 60 hours which makes them pretty pricey but from visiting several of their stores and testing out the scents it seems worth it to me!

4. Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate - £38

This one's a must buy! I've been using the equivalent night time concentrate for around 3 months now and it's fantastic. It takes some getting used to as it's extremely oily on the skin and certainly doesn't feel like it's going to do anything good to your skin. But when you wake up in the morning your skin instantly feels nourished and softer. So this is the versions for applying before the day ahead. Round the clock visibly healthier looking skin sounds like the dream to me!

5. Tom Ford Noir Eau de Toilette 50ml  - £54

Did I mention Space NK sell fragrances? They've got a wide selection and this is certainly one of the ones I'm so excited to add to my collection one day soon. Noir is made up of citrus and notes that create a fragrance that can be worn in the office or out to a formal event. It's also pretty reasonably priced for a Tom Ford scent at £54 - most of them are just under £100! 

6. Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream - £24.50 

Lastly, here's one of Kiehl's most popular products that I'm still yet to try out for myself. It's hyped up as a 24-hour moisturiser than you're supposed to combine with the aforementioned  day and night concentrate oils. It ensures your skins remains soft and healthy-looking throughout the day, which sounds perfect. No need to top up during the course of the day.

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