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Friday 17 April 2020

6 Car Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your car is an important skill to save your money on major repairs and to keep your car in good condition for longer. It’s obviously important to take your car to the garage for emergencies, but also for regular maintenance. It’s just as important to develop some simple habits for keeping your car in the best shape.

1. Never miss a service. Your car’s service is very important and should never be skipped. When your car is serviced, a mechanic will check it thoroughly and will find any small issues and correct them before they develop into bigger, and more expensive repairs. Get Fixed Price Servicing at Harwoods.

2. Keep an eye on the fluids. Keep the motor oil, power steering fluid, and coolant topped up as an easy way to maintain the performance of your car. To find out how to check and maintain your fluid levels, check your owner’s manual.

3. Get to know your owner’s manual. Take the time to look over your owner’s manual from time to time. There’s a lot to remember about taking care of a car, and you won’t be able to remember it all. By checking your manual, you can refresh your memory and make sure you know how to do everything properly. If you are buying a second-hand car, make sure you get the manual.

4. Pay attention to warning lights. Cars have a lot of systems of sensors and warning lights that will let you know all kinds of things, from whether you’ve forgotten to replace the gas cap to whether your tires are low on air. Learn what the different warning lights on your car mean and what you should do if one comes on. If you can’t fix the problem yourself, take your car to a mechanic if a light comes on.

5. Check your tire pressure. The right tire pressure is essential for helping your car to handle properly. It also reduces the risk of premature wear and tire failure. Tires lose air every day. Most cars have a tire pressure warning system, but these only come on when the tire pressure drops to a dangerously low level. To stop this from happening, check your tire pressure monthly and add air if needed. Your owner’s manual can tell you how to determine the correct pressure. Never overinflate your tires, as this is just as dangerous as leaving them underinflated.

6. Pay attention to how the car feels. You should know how the car feels to handle when it’s is operating as it should be. Once you can do this, it will be easier to notice when something is wrong. You might notice a vibration, shudder, jerk, bump, or hesitation, which is a sign that something has changed. If you notice anything strange, make a note of the time and conditions when the symptom happens so you can tell your mechanic.

By knowing how to manage basic maintenance on your car, you can keep your car running at it’s best. A well-running car is cheaper and more enjoyable to run.


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