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Monday 28 November 2016

The Review | Alpha Grooming Skincare

It's been a little while since I've written a post on my latest skincare favourites or gents grooming tips on the blog so I was thrilled when Alpha Grooming asked if I'd like to take a look at a few items from their brand new collection.

Alpha Grooming is a family run skincare brand from the West Midlands that specialises in creating high quality gents grooming products and gifts sets. They pride themselves on quality and only create small batches of their collections, which are infused with premium essentials oils that smell incredible..we'll get to those in a little while!

I started off by trying out the Mandarin, Lime & Basil Clay Facial Cleanser - £9.99*

This nourishing  handmade cleanser is enriched with Kaolin to remove and draw out impurities and from the first few uses I can already see and feel the difference. My skin feels so soft for hours after use and insanely moisturised to boot.

As I mentioned earlier, the presence of such unusual scents such as Mandarin and Lime give this cleanser a unique smell that instantly gave me the feeling of being at a luxury spa - when in fact i was just stood in my bathroom! It really oozes quality and feels great on the skin too. Not too oily but

At just £9.99 for the 100ml pump action bottle it's a real steal and now forms part of my daily routine.

Next up was the Mandarin, Lime & Basil Moisturising Gel - £12.99

This was easily one of the most revitalising and skin calming moisturisers I've ever used. My skin is a mixture of oily and dry so I'm always on the look out for a daily routine that helps my skint absorb moisture quickly, but without leaving a shiny layer behind. The Alpha Grooming gel certainly lives up to those expectations.
It's got the same unique Mandarin, Lime & basil fragrance as the cleansing gel, that somehow whisks you off to a luxury spa break just by unscrewing the jar. It's quite gloopy in the hands so you definitely only need a pea-sized amount in terms of application but once it's on the skin it soaks right in and as is the perfect accompaniment  to the cleanser.

Don't forget you save £5 on your next order over £20 from Alpha Grooming using code ALPHA5 at checkout!  

*This post was sponsored by Alpha Grooming. All views are my own. For PR enquiries contact me directly here.


The Review | Arrival

Arrival is a movie that plays around with your emotions, but never in a way that feels manipulative. This is an alien invasion movie with only a few aliens, a few explosions, and a twisty-plot that holds you comfortably by the hand into, and out of, the abyss. It’s an impressive accomplishment, but one that somehow lacks the sci fi thriller moments I was hoping for.

Our heroine is Dr. Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguist mourning the loss of her daughter to cancer. She's awoken in the middle of the night and asked to help a team of scientists unravel the mysteries behind the arrival of 12 alien spacecraft that have landed across all corners of the globe. She's tasked with making first contact with the aliens and trying to translate their language.

This is where the plot takes an odd turn and where I started to lose interest. The aliens are revealed within the first 15-20 minutes of the movie removing any kind of fear or tension that you'd normally associate with a theme such as this.

Before long Dr. Banks turns into more of a Dr. Dolittle as she engages in conversation with the beings and starts to understand their culture, and more importantly the reason for their 'arrival' on Earth
Without giving too much away, Arrival is an innately hopeful and pacifistic movie. Louise’s effort to understand the aliens, despite the fearful human reactions around her, makes a powerful case for communication over conflict.

At its core, it's a movie about language and communication. How are we able to connect and interpret others? If 12 giant alien ships, which kind of looked like Pringles chips, were to one day appear randomly across the globe, how do we interpret intent? That's the movie's ticking clock, uncovering the intent of the seven-legged squid-like aliens before the more alarmist elements of our society give in to paranoia and destruction.

Check out the trailer below and let me know what you think if you've seen the movie.


Saturday 19 November 2016

Top 5 Gifts For Guys - Oliver Bonas

It's that time of year when Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends and the rest of the female population are on the hunt for a perfect Christmas gift for the guys in their life. Hopefully this post will give you a few hints. For this Top 5 I've had a browse around one of my favourite lifestyle brands for some inspiration - Oliver Bonas. They have a fantastic selection of gifts for all budgets. Enjoy!

1. Crosley Dansette Bermuda Console Turntable - £279

First up here's one for the vinyl-loving guy in your life. Crosley has always been a key player in record players but over the past couple of years has really exploded into popularity among twenty somethings everywhere. This is the console turntable, which is at the upper end of the price range for Crosley but certainly one of their most impressive players. It has removable legs so that you can put it on a table top if you prefer and boasts dynamic full range stereo speakers, which basically means it sounds incredible too. Although you can use external speakers or headphones if you like.

2. Marble & Copper Bar Tools Set - £60

Here's one for the guy that loves cocktail hour, but wants to create that same buzz at home! This great looking bar tools set includes a marble base and 100% copper rail and tools that will look at home on any side table along or drinks trolley with his favourite tipples. 

3. Where Chefs Eat - £16.95

This next gift is one of my favourites - and incidentally the cheapest of the bunch! Where Chefs Eat is a book comprised of restaurant reviews not by mystery 'experts' but instead by over 600 of the finest chefs in the world. It's the ultimate guide to the best places to eat across various cities around the globe and must-have gift for the discerning foodie. 

4. Carrara Marble Espresso Cups & Saucers - £18

Another marble item on the list. For the coffee lover in your life, this set of two espresso cups and saucers will make him want to get the kettle on straight away! Made from marble and packaged in bespoke Oliver Bonas packaging, these make a great gift.

5. Korres Men's Kit - £19

Korres is one of my favourite Mens grooming brands and this kit filled with minis of some of their best products would make a great Christmas stocking filler. It contains 2 shower gels, shampoo, shaving cream and an aftershave balm. Korres is a Greek skincare brand with roots in Athen's first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy. Based on its pharmacy experience in over 3,000 homeopathic remedies of herbal origin, the company today offers a natural and certified organic skin care range.

Thanks for reading, do you have any other Christmas favourites form Oliver Bonas this year?


Sunday 13 November 2016

Weekly Wishlist: Winter Coats

It feels as if winter is now in full swing, and that means a new coat is on the horizon for some over the next month or so. This week's wish list is one of my favourites so far featured a great value green puffer jacket from Topman, alongside the Photographer's Jacket from Oliver Spencer at a whopping £410. Another favourite is the dark green Jack Wills parka. All prices ranges covered here on The Guy On Trend! 

                                                                     Links : one // two // three // four // five

                                                                    Enjoy and let me know what your favourite is.

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