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It's been a little while since I did a post about my most recent vinyl purchases, so here we go! I normally pick up my records on Depop just because it's usually quite a bit cheaper than amazon. You can pick up vintage ones too, which for some reason just sound even better. Here's what I've picked up over the past few weeks...

Baby Driver

This is one of the best films I've seen over the past few months so I thought why not pick up the vinyl of the soundtrack, which was incredible. As a "soundtrack" it's great. Many songs and instrumentals you hear, you can easily have the scene running through your head. That's the sign of a great and memeroble soundtrack & film. But as an "album", playing in your living room or car, the tracklisting is all over the place and doesn't flow well at all. Going from the Damned's "Neat, Neat, Neat" to a slow, soul ballad doesn't sound good at all. What would've been better would be to collect all the tracks used in the film and rearranged their sequence, just to flow better instead of putting them in order of the movie. You can buy it here.

Bob Dylan - The Freewheelin' 

Dylan's second album from 1963 has hardly dated at all, and contains some of his most famous and most remarkable songs. Any album that contains the originals of "Blowin' in the Wind", "Girl From the North Country", "Masters of War", "A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall" and "Don't Think Twice" has to be essential listening. Each of these songs remains as relevant today as when written. The album also features one of his most beautiful love songs (Girl From the North Country) as well as the first of many brilliant and caustic put-downs (Don't Think Twice). This album really is a classic and your collection shouldn't be without it. You can pick it up here.

Gavin James - Bitter Pill

Gavin James is an incredible British artist with some amazing (if very depressing) songs. His debut 2016 album Bitter Pill is a great example of this. Previously known for supporting Ed Sheehan at various performance, here Gavin gets the chance to shine on his own and he really does! m so glad that he is getting the recognition he deserves, proof that talent and hard graft can win out. I've never seen him live but would love to oneday. For now, I'll satisfy myself with listening to his haunting melancholic voice and beautifully structured songs.

What are some of your favourite new releases? Any recommendations for what i should pick up next?

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I thought it was time i brought back a series from a little while ago called Weekly Wishlists. Each week I pull together my favourite new fashion arrivals from around the web and group them into chunks or trends. This week I thought I'd focus on a category that's sure to be big in the early part of 2018 - happy new year btw - Sweats!

The popularity of so-called "Loungewear" over the past few years has sky rocketed and it's high time that your Sunday Comfies got an upgrade. Sure enough, everywhere you look there are people out and about wearing what would formerly have been considered stay-at-home clothes. At one end of the spectrum, it’s no longer a surprise to see people in pyjamas at the supermarket, or in their cars on the school run. At the other end, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken loungewear into the boardroom with his trademark hoodie look. I've picked the best of the bunch below so enjoy!
Jack Wills Cruxton Crew  |  ASOS Pink Contrast Sweatshirt  | Acne Fleece-Back Crew

Topman Navy & Cream Joggers  | Rag & Bone Slim-fit Sweatpants  | Paul Smith Cotton Sweatpants

Shop The Looks

It's that time of year when Mothers, Sisters, Girlfriends and the rest of the female population are on the hunt for a perfect Christmas gift for the guys in their life. Hopefully this post will give you a few hints. For this Top 5 I've had a browse around one of my favourite lifestyle brands for some inspiration - Oliver Bonas. They have a fantastic selection of gifts for all budgets. Enjoy!

1. Crosley Dansette Bermuda Console Turntable - £279

First up here's one for the vinyl-loving guy in your life. Crosley has always been a key player in record players but over the past couple of years has really exploded into popularity among twenty somethings everywhere. This is the console turntable, which is at the upper end of the price range for Crosley but certainly one of their most impressive players. It has removable legs so that you can put it on a table top if you prefer and boasts dynamic full range stereo speakers, which basically means it sounds incredible too. Although you can use external speakers or headphones if you like.

2. Marble & Copper Bar Tools Set - £60

Here's one for the guy that loves cocktail hour, but wants to create that same buzz at home! This great looking bar tools set includes a marble base and 100% copper rail and tools that will look at home on any side table along or drinks trolley with his favourite tipples. 

3. Where Chefs Eat - £16.95

This next gift is one of my favourites - and incidentally the cheapest of the bunch! Where Chefs Eat is a book comprised of restaurant reviews not by mystery 'experts' but instead by over 600 of the finest chefs in the world. It's the ultimate guide to the best places to eat across various cities around the globe and must-have gift for the discerning foodie. 

4. Carrara Marble Espresso Cups & Saucers - £18

Another marble item on the list. For the coffee lover in your life, this set of two espresso cups and saucers will make him want to get the kettle on straight away! Made from marble and packaged in bespoke Oliver Bonas packaging, these make a great gift.

5. Korres Men's Kit - £19

Korres is one of my favourite Mens grooming brands and this kit filled with minis of some of their best products would make a great Christmas stocking filler. It contains 2 shower gels, shampoo, shaving cream and an aftershave balm. Korres is a Greek skincare brand with roots in Athen's first ever Homeopathic Pharmacy. Based on its pharmacy experience in over 3,000 homeopathic remedies of herbal origin, the company today offers a natural and certified organic skin care range.

Thanks for reading, do you have any other Christmas favourites form Oliver Bonas this year?

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