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Monday 27 February 2017

Vinyl Arrivals

Picking up new vinyls has become a bit of a recent obsession. I can't seem to go more than a few days without hitting Amazon or Depop to order some brand new music, or a few blasts from the past. As much as I'm a fan of the era of digital music and monthly subscription services, there's something about collecting physical music that's strangely rewarding - and certainly goes against any kind of minimalism ideas i've had over the past few months! Here's a few I've picked up lately..

The XX - I See You

A fabulous LP from The XX trio. As to be expected from them by now, instrumentation is sublime and the production / mastering is so crisp you can enjoy every single element of each track: vocals, percussion, bass, synths and keys... It's a great listen for audiophiles and fans of music.

This latest album moves them forward , and is likely to be one of the most popular albums of 2017. There have already been a couple of hit singles released before the main album, and there has been a sense of anticipation about the "difficult 3rd album" which many groups suffer from. Yet you can see how wonderfully they have evolved as a band and have produced something that is still new and unique.

Available here

Bonobo - Migration

An absolute must of Bonobo fans, his latest album entitled Migration feels like just that, a journey into something new for the artist whilst keeping that iconic sound. It'll take you through tranquil pop to a more upbeat house vibe, which feels quite new and yet all the while keeping to is trademark sound. Get into a dark room with a great set of headphones and enjoy!

Available here.

S O H N - Rennen

Starting where his previous album left off, the eerie mechanical sound of Hard Liquor makes for the perfect opener for Rennen, eventually closing with the sound of a needle skipping on a record. This is much more blues than the previous outing, but certainly doesn't disappoint. In fact, many of tracks are  very similar to the Tremors album, which was always going to be a truly hard act to follow.  Plus, how cool is that album art? One for the collection I think don't you?

Available here.

Have you got any new vinyl recommendations?


ChelseaAnn said...

I have never owned a Vinyl, but I'd love to one day. I love that you have The Xx! They are one of my all time favorite bands!

Unknown said...

I love the idea of owning vinyls, it's something that I've never gotten round to because it's just so practical to have everything on my phone! I think I'll start a collection and buy a record player once I'm a bit more settled down and not moving all the time 😊

Llinos said...

Vinyls are soooo pretty. I think it has been great to see a revival in them.

CaesarLiveNLoud said...

I had a few vinyls but not a player... so I got "rid" of my vinyls.. and now I regret it!

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