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Wednesday 6 June 2018

Gift Guide: Father's Day 2018

Dads are impossible to buy for - is it just me? Whether it's Christmas, birthdays or Father's Day, I'm never sure what to get mine even though we're actually quite similar. With the big day just a couple of weeks away now I thought I'd pull together some of the ideas I've had so keep scrolling to see if my gift guide has something yours will love too...

If he's a massive movie or TV buff why not pick him up The Wire - The Complete Series on DVD. This gritty american crime drama is just what dads need for that Sunday afternoon binge. What makes The Wire unusual is that it's a cop show that refuses merely to be a cop show. It inhabits Baltimore in all its attributes. We see inside the local politics, the local media, community groups, the lives of the city's homeless people, the personal lives of its law enforcers, and above all the lives of its criminals. It's very brave and unusual to show us the criminal side of a community from the criminals' point of view, and The Wire is innovative in being so unflinching in depicting this. It's a far cry from the glossy world of, say, CSI.

If your Dad is a bit of an audiophile and Apple geek then why not pikc him up the brand new Homepod. At £340 it's certainly a luxury gift but he's obviously worth it right? If you still live at home then at least it's an excuse to get one in the house and experience the incredible sound that you get from a high spec speaker like this. The HomePod is covered in a seamless cloth grille, which Apple claims lets sound emanate without altering it in any way.

There’s a chunky woofer powered by a custom amp, a 360-degree seven-tweeter array, and a six-mic array for capturing your voice from a distance. The mics work well and pick up voices capably, even at a distance and with music blaring. If you really want to treat him this Father's Day then the Homepod is the perfect gift.

If you'd rather sort out his skincare routine then why not pick him up the Clinique For Men Daily Oil Control Skincare Kit which you can pick up from John Lewis. At £26 it's a real bargain for Clinique and contains a few of their bestselling products to get his skin in shape. The Oil Control Face Wash thoroughly cleanses and removes excess oil, while the luxurious Cream Shave provides a rich buffer against razor drag and nicks. Whereas the Mattifying Moisturiser delivers lightweight, oil-free hydration and skin-strengthening ingredients, plus helps skin stay matte all day.

If he's more into fashion then why not pick him up a nice new shirt for the office or for weekends. You really can't go wrong with any of these from Jack Wills and Ted Baker...

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