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Sunday 26 February 2017

The Travel Guide | Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi in the UAE is easily one of my favourite places to visit around the world. It has just about everything to offer and is only a 7 hour flight away. Here's my top reasons why you should start planning your 2017 trip immediately... 

The Weather

This one kind of goes without saying I think. Abu Dhabi offers year round sunshine and temperatures that rarely drop below 20 degrees. If you like it hot then I'd recommend a trip during July-August when temperatures can reach over 50 degrees! However, a trip to the UAE is also a perfect winter sun getaway with temperatures during Nov-Jan of around 25 degrees. Perfect for all day sunbathing and exploring everything the city has to offer. Be warned though the shopping malls and tourist attractions tend to have very intense air con during the summer!

Things to do

A trip to Abu Dhabi would not be complete without a trip to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque (pictured below - although images will never do it justice!). I had never been to a mosque prior to my first visit to the UAE and am not at all religious but this place truly has to be seen to be believed. There are free guided tours available at the entrance in English, which I would strongly recommend unless you prefer a wonder. The tour guides are great and really made the trip with some interesting facts and history.

If you don't fancy a trip to the Mosque then my other favourite location is Yas Waterworld. It's the perfect place to cool off for the day in the Summer months and has some of the most exciting slides and rides of any water park in the world. It's not cheap at around £45 for the day but that's about the same as Thorpe Park or Chessington so it's not crazy expensive - and you can easily spend the whole day there with the amount there is to do.

Just remember to drink lots of water as it's easy to forget when you're surrounded by it all day in the pools!

Other great places to visit include some of Abu Dhabi's incredible malls! "Shopping on holiday??" you might be thinking.. but the are truly a great day out. Plus theres always super-cool air conditioning so handy if you're visiting during the hotter months. The 2 most popular ones are Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall.

Both have a huge variety of shops including many that you'll recognise, as well as various restaurants and eateries. You're obvious Starbucks and KFC are there but try something new like the super-delicious PF Changs if you fancy a yummy Chinese.


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