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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Fun Ways To Supplement Your Income As A Blogger

If you’re a blogger, you’ll be all too aware of how difficult it can be to make money. It takes time to grow your blog enough to make money, let alone an income. However, with consistency and determination, it can be done! 
That being said, you might still have weeks or months where you’re not making a lot, so it could be a good idea to look into ways you can supplement your income. Below, you’ll find some fun ways to supplement your income as a blogger. Take a look and see if you can make more money! 

  1. Sell A Skill
Do you have a skill? Maybe you’re a talented artist, or you can write copy. You could potentially sell your skills using an online platform such as Fiverr or People Per Hour. It’s really easy to get started. Alternatively, you could sell your crafts using your own website, although setting up a real side hustle will take a substantial amount of time and this might stop you from focusing on your blog. 

2. Create An Online Course
Creating an online course to go on a site like Udemy can take time, but once it’s done, you can make money from it time and time again. You could create a course based on anything: tell others how to blog or write well, show people how to knit cardigans, whatever you like! 

3. Write An Ebook 
If you have knowledge around a certain subject, you could write an Ebook on it. Again, this is something you can put the work into once and then make money from multiple times. Some people even like to write numerous Ebooks so they can keep on making passive income. You could write a fictional Ebook if you wanted, but it can be much harder to sell these. Either way, marketing your Ebook will be important. 

4. Use Cashback Sites Cashback sites are a really simple way to have more money. Simply sign up and use them each time you go to buy something online and you can let the funds build up until you feel like withdrawing them.

5. Consider Matched Betting
Now, stay with me here. It sounds too good to be true, and so people automatically assume that it is. Matched betting can be tough to understand at first, but there are sites like Profit Accumulator that can walk you through it step by step - you can even sign up for free and make some money so you can see for yourself that it isn't a con. Of course there are drawbacks, and you do need to put time and effort into it. However, you can take advantage of free bets and make a decent amount of money when you do it right.

6. Make A YouTube Channel To Go With Your Blog
If you haven’t already got a YouTube channel, this could be a great way to make some money along side your blog. You will need to grow your YouTube channel and make regular videos, but once you monetise them you have the potential to make money from them forever.



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