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Monday, 10 August 2015

The Reading List | Netflix Re-design & What is 'Alphabet' ?

Here's my list of stories from around the web that you should be reading about this week:

  • Netflix is having a re-design - Finally! Netflix now has over 60 million subscribers worldwide and is treating its users to a new website within the next few weeks that has been 4 years in the making. Check out the full story from Wired

  • A new company called Alphabet now owns Google. The tech-giant's co founder today announced a major reshuffle in the structure of the business, which essentially separates their core project such as YouTube and Chrome from more ambitious products including X Lab. More info from Wired

  • Reports suggest that Apple has addressed the "Bendgate" issues experienced by many of its users by constructing a much sturdier outer shell within the yet to be announced iPhone 6S. The shell is also purported to be up to 2g lighter than its predecessor and made from 7000 series aluminium, which is said to be 3 times the strength of the material found on the iPhone 6. The new iPhone along with an updated Apple TV are reportedly going to be announced at an Apple event in early September. Details from TechCrunch

  • 'Lol' is dead according to a study conducted by Facebook. The research found that 'haha' is now a far more popular term for laughter claiming over 51% of apparent laughter in the comments and posts that were analysed. The use of emoji has also increased dramatically over the past 12 months and now accounts for more than a third of all laughter across Facebook. More info via TechRadar...lol


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