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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Falling for Budapest

So I've recently just got back from a long weekend break in Budapest, Hungary. I'll be honest, before booking the trip I knew very little about the city or Hungary in general - except that they always seem to get a good few points more than us in Eurovision, but then again so do most countries... anyway I digress.

Basically we wanted a city break that encompassed three things..
  1. Cheap flights, hotels and restaurants
  2. Lots to see and do
  3. Not a million miles away
I have to say that Budapest surpassed our expectations on all accounts.

Our hotel was the Boscolo Budapest Autograph Collection, located right in the heart of the of the city. It was a five star luxury hotel with an amazing spa, restaurant and bar but was also very reasonably priced. Breakfast wasn't included but we had a great time getting out into the city early each morning and found a couple of fantastic places that served fresh coffee and a great selection of bagels.

A real must is the free 2 hour walking tours, which take place twice a day in the centre of town, and are led by a group of very friendly and helpful locals that aren't employed by the government to drive tourism but simply want to show visitors the city they grow up in. All they ask is a small contribution at the end of the tour.

This is one of the local sweet treats, which are available from lots of street food traders across Budapest. It's called a traditional Chimney Cake and is covered in your choice of cinnamon, vanilla, coconut and various others. All for less than 60p!

You'll visit all the sites by foot instead of on the open top buses, which when you're as lucky with the weather as we were is no bad thing. This gives you so much more time to stop at market stalls, take pictures or just have a wander and explore.

One of the first stops was the famous St Stephens Basilica. 



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Thanks! It's a beautiful city.

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