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Monday 16 January 2023

Productivity Tips For Working From Home

Working from home is a great way to save money and time, but it comes with some unique challenges. I know that when I first started working from home back in March 2020 at the start of the pandemic, my productivity was nowhere near where it needed to be. Here are some tips for becoming more productive when you work at home:

Find your work spot

You can't be productive if you don't have a good work space. The first thing to do is find your work spot. This could mean anything from an office cubicle to a kitchen table or even just the couch in your living room. For some people, having an actual desk will help them feel more professional and prepared for their job, but for others it might not be essential at all - especially if you're new to this whole "working from home" thing! 

The next step is making sure that everything else is set up correctly: 

  •  A computer with internet access (and preferably one that doesn't use too much electricity) 
  •  A comfortable chair (it should also have good ergonomics) 
  •  Natural light coming through windows that aren't too far away from where they're needed

Make a schedule and stick to it

  • Set a routine, whether it's morning, afternoon or evening. 
  • Be consistent with your daily schedule no matter what time of year you're working from home.

Take breaks 

Taking breaks is important. Taking breaks allows you to recharge your batteries, so that when you return to work, you're more ready than ever to tackle the day's tasks. 

Taking regular breaks can help prevent burnout—and it's not just because some people work better in a more relaxed environment! Research has shown that taking regular breaks actually improves productivity by keeping us alert and focused on our current task while also giving us time away from our computers or phones (and thus less temptation). 

However getting into the habit of taking regular breaks has its own benefits too: it helps prevent distractions from outside sources such as email inboxes or social media feeds; it reduces stress levels; increases creativity levels; improves decision making capabilities; strengthens relationships between employees within an organization (if everyone knows what their role is then there won't be any confusion about who should do what); etc.

Reduce noise pollution 

This is a pretty obvious one, but it can be a bit tricky to pull off. Try making sure your phone is on silent and turning the TV off in another room of the house if you're not using it. If you need to listen to music while working, wear headphones—it'll help drown out distracting noises like your cat meowing at night or traffic outside that might wake you up during the day (and then make everything seem even more annoying). Using an app like white noise can help focus on work while blocking out other sounds like people talking around you at home or traffic outside of your office building. And if all else fails and there's no way around sleeping with earplugs in place... well... there isn't much else left for me but sleep deprivation!


I hope these tips help you to be more productive at work from home. Remember, the key is to do what works for you, so don’t be afraid to change things up and try new things if they work better for your schedule. If none of these tips seem like a good fit, then maybe it’s time for something different—like working remotely! This option can help you stay connected with the people in your life while also giving yourself all kinds of flexibility when it comes down time spent on tasks and projects.


Molly | Transatlantic Notes said...

Very useful ideas; thanks for sharing this! It can be difficult to cut our distractions sometimes or find the right spot to work in so this was helpful!

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