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Saturday, 26 May 2018

Let's Play | April 2018

Welcome to my monthly Let's Play series, in which I tell you all about the games I've picked up and been playing over the last 4 weeks. You can check out my previous Let's Play posts here. This part of the year is always pretty good for new game releases, plus I also picked up a Nintendo Switch last weekend so you can expect some initial impressions on that over the next few weeks. I  actually found quite a bit of time for gaming during April so here's where I've been spending my time...

Far Cry 5 

I'm to to say this right off the bat.. Far Cry 5 is already one of my games of the year for 2018. It perfectly combines the freedom of a massive fully destructible open world with great gun play and player progression. I've not played anything like it so far this year.

The story isn't great so I would advise ignoring the majority of it right from the outset and concentrate on the awesome gameplay that seeps out of every inch of the huge playable map. You'll find random events happening constantly, which keep you engaged in the action rather than the story. There's just so much to do beyond the main story thread so don't worry about running our of side quests and collectables to find. Sneaking your way through all the various outposts eliminating the enemies that guard them are some of the best moments in the game.

Buy it here > https://amzn.to/2J9xv1i 

Sea of Thieves

Now from one of my games of the year to one that has really disappointed me, even after the incredible hype that seemed to surround it right from when it was announced. We haven't had a decent pirates game for ages now and i was really hoping that Sea of Thieves was going to start a new trend, but unfortunately this empty "go here and grab this" simulation feels more like the awful No Man's Sky than the start of a cool new genre in multiplayer console gaming.

Sea of Thieves’ opening hours are a magical recipe of wonder and mystery. It never explains much, but figuring out the subtle, multi-layered functionality of everything from a compass to your sails is fun and surprising. Jaw-dropping lighting works in harmony with the deep, rich waves of the open sea as clouds puff in and out of existence. However, from then on it turns into an extremely repetitive buggy experience, which proves to be especially boring when playing solo as there's seemingly no AI to fill the world with so you're just left to your own devices.

Random matchmaking works fine, but real friends are best because if you get people without mics or a cooperative spirit you might as well set sail with a hole in your boat. Sea of Thieves works well when treated like a chat room or a party game, where it serves as catalyst for having a good time with the people you’re with.

Buy it here > https://amzn.to/2INnQOP 

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