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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

5 GOALS FOR 2018

It still hasn’t quite sunk in that it’s now 2018. Seriously, where has the time gone?! For the first time in forever I don’t feel anxious and uneasy about the new year starting, it just feels like another day, which I love! It’s that time of year again, time to look ahead to the next twelve months and do some goal setting!

1. Travel to at least 3 new places

I don’t think a list of goals would be complete without striving for some more travelling. Over the last year I have become a real homebody so hopefully this year I can get out of my comfort zone and explore new places. Topping my list is Prague, Bath and Canada.

2. Be more content 

This is my number one goal for 2018. To be more content. To spend less time contemplating what other people think of me, how I should be spending my time, who I should be spending time with. Basically I want to feel happier and more secure in my own skin and to feel totally content with the decisions I’m making.

Instagram is not real life. Yet I compare myself to others on there on a daily basis! I honestly didn’t realize I was even doing it at first. I would spend hours looking at other bloggers perfectly curated stories & IG feeds and would think thoughts like “Wow, they’re so much more successful than I am”. This year I need to put my focus into my OWN content and stay in my lane. I no longer want to compare myself to other people’s highlight reels on social media.

3. Plan blog content & post consistently 

This year I want to create and stick to a content calendar. Planning out blog post content so I can share posts on a consistent basis is a main goal for 2018. It always helps when I create a very organized calendar, so that’s what I need to do!

4. Grow my socials

I've had some pretty good growth across my socials over 2017 but would really like to take it to the next level this year! I'm hoping goal 3 can help massively with this - posting content consistently is kew for growing an engaged audience so that's the plan. My goals are 2k on Twitter and 20k on IG. You can follow me on most platforms @MattMaidment

5. Minimise 

I'm by no means an expert in minimalist living but i did have a good go at it earlier in 2017. I wrote a blog post about my experience here. I'd love to get back into this in the early part of this year and really make an effort to de-clutter and minimise unnecessary purchases. No-spend January here i come!

Do you believe in making goals and resolutions? Have you made any for 2018? I’d love to hear about them!



The Nerdy Me said...

I think you set yourself some great resolutions/goals. Best of luck with them! I want to travel more as well and increase my social media followings :)

-Leta | www.thenerdyme.com

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