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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Should You Kick Apple’s Refurbs To The Curb?

Apple has morphed into one of the biggest corporations on the planet. To show this in plain English, the company has sold more than 250 million units this year alone. It makes an estimated £4,540 per second and has an overall value of £850bn. There is no doubt Apple is one of the kings of modern day tech companies.  However, for its all successes, Apple does bring out duds.

From iPhones to iPads and Macs, glitches render them useless and they have to go back. The question is: does a refurbishment deserve a second chance?   Here are the factors which say, overwhelmingly, that they do:

The Price

A normal Apple product will almost certainly cost a couple of hundred dollars. The new iPhone X is set to retail at just under £1,000. Now, an average person can’t and won’t spend that amount on a single item. Still, it doesn’t mean that nearly 40% of the market isn’t attracted to Apple products, and that is a conservative estimate.

So, how does one find a way to cut the price without taking a risk? The answer is you go online and buy a former dud with a new lease of life. There are accounts of people saving £500 from following this tip.

The Trust

A 10 to 20% price drop may not cut the mustard. It’s not hard to see why when 10% reduces the cost of new iPhone to £900. Yippy! However, one thing that does swing it for customers is the trust and reputation of the brand.

Plenty of refurbished products are sold on apple.com itself. When it comes from the people behind the product, it is impossible not to be trusting. Also, numerous vendors have an agreement directly with Apple or their partners. If you buy a refurbished Mac from such a store, they have to adhere to the same standards.

The Warranty

Some manufacturers don't provide the same benefits for refurbished products. Unfortunate as it is, the reduction in price means buyers tend not to care until there is an issue. At Apple, there is usually a one year warranty on all products which covers it for 12 months. And, there are longer warranties depending on the type of agreement.

With regards to a second-hand product, this is a silver lining because you won’t be liable for repair costs. Sure, the product may break down after a year, but you can’t account for wear and tear.

The Originality

Samsung is another major player in the game. On the whole, it makes £6,500 per second, nearly £2,000 more than Apple. It even creates microchips which are used in Apple products. However, at the moment, it doesn’t have the same uniqueness. Android has its benefits yet people love Steve Jobs for his ingenuity and designs.

When they have an Apple product, even a refurb, they have something different. The facts that it’s covered by a warranty and cheaper than the retail price are bonuses.

 In conclusion, refurbished products from Apple are well worth the risk.


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