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Saturday 10 December 2016

The Review | Bose QuietComfort 35

The new QuietComfort35 acoustic noise cancelling headphones from Bose are quite possibly the best quality pair I've ever worn, both in terms of sound and overall build quality. Now I'm by no means an audiophile or a headphones expert, but even I can tell that these are truly something special. I've had a couple of pairs of Beats by Dre before and they were great but for just a little more money you can trust appreciate your favourite songs with the QuietComfort35s.

Now these are by no means cheap so let's see what you get for your hard earned £289.99. In the box the first thing you'll find is this neat carry case, which is study enough to survive a flight or camping trip with ease. Inside you'll find your headphones along with a couple of handy accessories including an in-flight adaptor so you're not stuck with the AWFUL quality headphones we're forced to use on long haul flights! Great addition.

Now let's move onto the headphones themselves. In terms of build quality you'll struggle to find anything as luxurious as these for less than £300 on the market. The over-the-ear cups feel great and much more comfortable than the Beats Studio alternative. In just a few clicks you can connect to your  iPhone, iPod or any other bluetooth device and start listening in minutes.

The set up process was flawless. The noise cancellation technology in the QuietComfort 35s is some of the best I've ever experienced and is so powerful the first time you use them you feel almost dizzy like you're taking off in a plan when your ears pop. The silence is quite incredible and you'll struggle to hear people chatting on a packed bus or train - perfect!

Battery life also easily exceeds 20 hours so you won't be charging them more than once a week, which is a huge bonus but they also take less than an hour to charge so even if you're running low it's easy to give them a quick boost on the goo using the USB adaptor for plugging into a laptop.

The only negative I can really come up with is that they don't sound great when you choose to listen with the noise-cancelling function turned off. In fact you're probably better with a pair of Apple's out of the box headphones because these things sound BAD. You can see Bose has put a huge amount of effort into these but if you ever did run out of charge just do without.

The Bose QuietComfort Q35s are £289 and available here. 

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones - Black


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Lisa (@fairlyrosy) said...

Oh those headphones are a thing of beauty. I keep meaning to get decent ones, especially since my apple headset is currently driving me insane so I will definitely keep this in mind! x

lisa | www.fairlyrosy.com

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