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Monday, 29 August 2016

Etsy Favourites | August 2016

It's time for another look at some of the items I've been loving on Etsy over the past month. It always feels great sharing products from Etsy almost more than any other site because so much time has gone into people designing and/or making the items themselves! So here's my favourites for August 2016...

1.  Macbook Pro 'Colour Explosion' Hard Case - by RealDesignRocks

I've been thinking about investing in a hard case for my MacBook for a while now after getting a few surface scratches on my 2014 15" model. This is the 'Colour Explosion' model - named for obvious reasons - and I really love it! That Apple logo looks great in the middle of all that colour. RealDesignRocks also do a variety of other designs for Mac and will create an iPhone case to match if you like. £42 and available here.

2.  Record Player Stand & Vinyl Storage - by DerelictDesign

I got a Crosley record player for Christmas and I've been avidly collecting vinyls ever since (post to come very soon on my favourites!) but I'm still yet to find the perfect way to store them - until now! Here's the stand and storage unit from Derelict Design. It is hand made from high quality softwood timber and is fitted with Eames style hairpin legs for a classic look. This unit is fine sanded, stained and sealed with a dark ebony oil stain and final wax for a low-sheen, hardwearing finish. 

It's got enough space to store hundreds of records, which should last me a while, plus it doubles as a coffee or side table. I've already got a small table that I keep my Crosley on but this would look so much better! Not cheap at £255 but it's solid wood and those metal legs look great too.

3.  Grow Your Own Coffee Kit - by PlantsFromSeed

This is such a fantastic idea! This kit includes everything you need to grow your own coffee plant from home and I can't wait to try it out. It would also make a perfect gift for any coffee lovers in your life! I'm not quite sure how long the plant will actually take to grow but it sounds interesting, looking forward to mine arriving sometime this week.

4.  Men's Handmade Leather Boots- by YGMoriginaldesign

I've been looking all over for a good quality pair of leather boots but can't seem to find any that quite do it for me. However, these look like they might just be the ones! They're handmade and you can even get your own logo or initial printed into the leather (although i'm not quite sure why!). They are also available in black but I much prefer the brown pictured below.

5.  Handcrafted Guitar Stand- by Arthur Guitars

Not long ago I bought a new Gibson guitar and I've been looking for a unique stand ever since to display it in my living room. This handmade hardwood one looks incredible and would be the perfect way to show off the new Gibson J-45! 

Due to the hardwood construction it's also extremely strong and stable so you shouldn't have to worry about coming home and finding your prized guitar in pieces on the floor. Will definitely be ordering a couple of these I think!

That's it for this month. What hidden gems have you found on Etsy during August?


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