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Friday, 6 September 2019

Quell Freelance Boredom And Keep Focus

There are many, many perks of being a freelancer. You can sleep in late, pick and choose work, pick and choose when you work. You can work in your undies or in a suit and have as many toilet and tea breaks as you want without worrying that your hypothetical boss is going to leave you out of the next pay rise. But, there's also the downfalls. It can get lonely working at home on your own and hard when you're trying to motivate yourself to get your workpieces done before the deadline, plus it can also get a bit dull. Fear not! It doesn't need to be this way! See for yourself below, how you can defeat freelance boredom and keep focused on what you've gotta do.

Switch it up

Maybe what you don't need is to write about the same topic all day every day none stop. Perhaps your brain is bored with designing the same website design templates with little variation over and over again. Can you really blame your mind for getting bored with the monotony of your work life when there's no variation? Stimulation - that's what you need. Something where your brain requires more than autopilot mode. So add some diversity in the mix. Take on a new writing job that pushes you out of your comfort zone, play moto x3m 4 or go outside and take some photos for your blog for a little while. Changing what tasks you're doing will help you re-energize and be ready when you need to get on with your other work.

Take a walk

The outdoors is just the other side of your front door, use it! You're a freelancer, and flexible to do what you want (within reason). So whether rain or shine, if you're on a quest to banish boredom, you need to get out of your PJs pull on some regular clothes and take a walk. Exercise, fresh air, and a different environment will stimulate your mind, and remove the dullness of your regular freelance working day.

Reward yourself

This step is kind of like how you would train a puppy or child to get something done. Positive reinforcement apparently works, so why not try and incentivize yourself. It may go something like this; "ill give myself a cookie (okay half a pack of cookies) every time I finish a logo". Or perhaps you might want to push the boat out, and treat yourself to some vinyls or new fancy pants from TK Maxx. The gift is within your power to choose. Incentivizing yourself to do something that can make your freelance job decision seem more worthwhile. Otherwise, you're likely to get bored of feeling like you're on a never-ending treadmill putting out work with nothing fun to show for it.

Freelance boredom is the devil that can destroy your creativity, leaving you with little to no thinking space and focus left to get the work you need to do doe. And so, take note of some of the tips above. You have more freedom than a 9-5 office person, so use it to your advantage, stretch your legs whenever you can play a game in your break times, and eat all of those cookies. You've got this.
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